NFR 2020: Date, time, TV channel, live stream, how to watch

Have you ever to any NFR event? Do you know about it? Are you here looking for information about it? Ok, here we are going to inform you of everything that you need to know. These will include the date, time, TV channels, live streaming options and how to watch.

Ok, let us set our pot on the fire.

NFR 2020 Streaming guide
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The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
RFD-TV (real-time)Watch HereNFR
Cowboy Channel Plus (12 hours delay)Watch Here


We all know that the National finals rodeo is the greatest event of rodeo. It is usually a ten-day event. Its main objective is to showcase different cowboy’s talents while entertaining a mass of spectators who come to cheer their favorite cowboys.

What channel is the NFR on?

Rodeo fans can stream the National Finals Rodeo on DirecTV channel 221 in HD and Dish Network channel 158 in SD. Both channels will telecast The Cowboy Channel live.

If you want to Watch NFR, there are two approaches. You can opt to stream online or watch on cable TV. For cable TV, The Cowboy Channel are the channel and for online streaming, ProRodeoTV TV is the channel. However, we will consider other online options later in this article.

NFR 2019: Date, time, TV channel, live stream, how to watch

Our Recommendation:

Of the two options, we recommend streaming on CBS All Access due to some advantages. First, it is cheaper. Second, you will get a trial period on your first use. Third, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

So, Should I keep CBS All Access?

With the said advantages, there is no doubt that it is an option to keep.

Watch the National Finals Rodeo on an antenna

If cable TV is what you can access, the The Cowboy Channel is the channel. it also has its advantages. You don’t have to own an internet connection.

Watch on or a CBS Sports App

You can also watch online on or CBS sports App. You can download and install on your android phone, computer, or smart TV.

Watch CBS Sports Network on a streaming service

The CBS All Access is an alternative channel where you can’t access ProRodeoTV but think that online streaming is still the best option. Moreover, it supplements the scope of CBS Sports Network, which only has the right to broadcasting the live NFR in the US.

Here are online TV channels that have CBS All Access.


If you want to catch every action during the NFR event online, then this is the first option to has CBS across all its packages. More so it is cheaper. You can access its basic package at $35 per month.

PS Vue

This online TV, provided by sonny, is an alternative that you can consider. There is no doubt that you can watch NFR after subscribing to its services. 


The main advantage of this online TV is that it can be watched on five different devices simultaneously using the same account. This implies that it is an option that guarantees NFR to your family and friends.


Here is another option if you are looking for HD transmission. It is available in packages and you can pay for the package that you can afford. You can also cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Say after the end of NFR if it was your main aim. Though there are other great that you can still be enjoying this TV.

YouTube TV

Itis also an affordable option for watching NFR online. For subscription of $40 per month, you stream from popular cable channels such as CBS.

Watch NFR from another country

CBS Sports Network is geographically limited, but you can bypass the limit using a reliable VPN. There are varieties of VPN that you can use and these include the ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and so forth.

To use Vpn;

  • Download install the app on your device
  • Signup, login, and choose server location
  • Connect, launch your browser start streaming.


Hopefully, we have updated you with the important information that you have to know about this coming NFR.

Watch NFR 2020 with Roku

The organizers of the National Finals Rodeo have recognized the need to give viewers multiple options to watch their favorite stars compete for the ultimate crown. The rodeo season is a long one – the regular season is all year long and no rodeo lover should miss out on the finale.

NFR 2020 Streaming guide
StreamingCoupon (20% Off)
The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
RFD-TV (real-time)Watch HereNFR
Cowboy Channel Plus (12 hours delay)Watch Here


The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo has cemented its status as the number one rodeo event in the world. Millions of Americans tune in to watch the best in bronc riding, barrel racing, bull riding, and many more categories compete for the crown as overall king of the rodeo.

More importantly, the championship is watched by many viewers outside the States. There is a need to provide adequate coverage where the championship is broadcasted throughout the world – a show of the competition’s status as the world’s best championship.

Watch NFR live on Roku

The championship itself is a 24-hour long competition for 1o consecutive days – there are lots of action to be captured, there is a lot of moments that should be witnessed by all lover of the sport.

This is why the National Finals Rodeo 2020 has made available for broadcast on Roku devices. This gives viewers an opportunity to have a convenient and easy-to-access platform to watch any category of the championship they choose.

The Cowboy Channel on Roku Devices

The Cowboy Channel remains the major channel that broadcasts the NFR 2020. It has the absolute right for the championship. However, Cowboys programs are accessible on Roku devices and one of the programs is The Cowboy Channel.

If you have the Roku app, you can watch round-the-clock minutes of the action of the NFR 2020. You have the opportunity to stream live on your Roku devices provided that you have a good network as well as access to Cowboy Channel programming.

These are the issues that may prevent you from enjoying the live actions from the championship. Streaming is the ultimate form of watching entertainment events in the 21st century – in fact, 2020 might just be the peak year for streaming.

For worldwide coverage of the championship, streaming plays a huge part in ensuring that every rodeo diehard can watch the grand finale of the rodeo season.

How to watch NFR Live on my Roku

If you have a Roku account already, all you have to do is power up your Roku device and connect to the internet. Login into the account, access The Cowboy Channel and enjoy live rodeo events such as bull riding and barrel racing.

With this, you can turn your living room into a home theater and have the best seat to live NFR action anywhere in the world.

If you don’t have a Roku account, create one here. Activate your account and follow the steps above.

You can access The Cowboy Channel on any of the two Roku devices;

  • Roku streaming player; with HD to 4K capabilities.
  • Roku TV; enjoy the numerous built-in features that come with the product. An ideal device to enjoy the NFR 2020 live.

With any Roku device and an internet connection, you can enjoy the National Finals Rodeo anywhere you are.

How much are tickets to the 2020 NFR

The National Finals Rodeo event is presently the biggest rodeo event in the world today. With fans from across the globe flocking in one place to experience all the fun and excitement that comes along with the event.

NFR Tickets Price

This annual event is put together by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, PRCA. Over the years this event has grown to be loved and accepted by thousands of fans globally. Some fans call it the world series of Rodeo or the Super Bowl of Rodeo.

NFR 2020 Streaming guide
StreamingCoupon (20% Off)
The Cowboy Channel (real-time)Watch HereNFR
RFD-TV (real-time)Watch HereNFR
Cowboy Channel Plus (12 hours delay)Watch Here


The tournaments begin on December 3-12. A ten-day event would pull fans from across to the Thomas and Mack Center to hoot and cheer for their all-time favorite rodeo stars.

Rodeo fans are ready with their cowboy hats and long boots as the event of the year is about to begin. Buying their tickets would guarantee them good 10 days of fun and excitement.

The tickets for the NFR for the last 26 years have always been sold out. Currently, for this year’s NFR, the tickets are already up for sale. For your best interest, it better you grab them on time as they can easily be sold out.

The various tickets are available online for a token. The cheapest tickets are for day 7’s entries which usually starts at $52. Gold tickets can be purchased for the last day of the championship; they may go up to $1,042. Check the new price list here:

Gold Buckle$300$3000

The tickets have various rates due to the local pickup order and also the zone seating offer.

Tickets for the NFR 2020 can be gotten online by visiting sites such as Primesport.

Sometimes, there are chances that the tickets are all sold out and you are unable to get one for yourself. This is because these tickets often get sold out as soon as possible. However, note that during the event there might be announcements or postings or tickets that are unsold or those that were ordered for and weren’t picked up.

Interestingly, some folks may get tied up with work and then choose to sell their tickets. Sometimes, such tickets are sold at a discount.

Get your tickets on time to avoid being stranded when they get sold out. Get to enjoy the great performance of the best rodeo players with your friends and family.

You can find out more about NFR tickets from the CBS television network platform. They have a wonderful platform where you can always get every detail. Also, getting a ticket from there is quite easy and you won’t break a sweat.

The National Finals Rodeo 2020 is a guaranteed sell-out, the more we get closer to it, the lesser the chances of getting a ticket. The best thing to do is to ensure you get your tickets on time. So hey, if you want to grab a seat with a good view, get online and grab a ticket now while they last. Now, we can’t wait for the games to begin. If you want to watch NFR online simply visit NFRStandings.Com